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Kent Shaving Soap Refill


Kent Wool Fat Shaving Soap Refill:

Follow these steps to the smoothest shave you'll ever experience.

1. Wash you face with warm soapy water and rinse.

2. Run your shaving brush under the hot water tap, shake off excess water.

3. Work your brush into the soap to create a lather.

4. Using a circular motion, lather around the face, chin and neck.

5. For an extra close shave, or for stubborn hair repeat this lathering action.

6. Using minimal pressure use you razor to shave, following the grain of your beard.

7. You may repeat step 6 going across your beard for a super close and satisfying shave.

8. Rinse you face with cool water to close your pores.

9. Pat your face dry and apply After Shave.

10. Rinse your brush under the tap and shake off excess water.

11. To prolong the life of your brush hang upside down to drain to excess water.

Looks like a long list but it only takes a few minutes. 




For Use With K-SB1 & K-SB3. Product of UK.