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About us

Wet Shaving and Beard Care have immense relevance to both of us, but for very different reasons.

For her it began in early childhood at the elbow of her father, an old school barber and her mother, a very talented ladies’ hairstylist. It soon came to pass that she would follow on her mother’s path along with an older and younger sister. 

The sisters never strayed far from their roots. All but one of the three continued to practice their craft and raise their families. The third sister took a different path. Yes, she cared for her family and raised her children, but she also turned her thoughts to small business and her love of the craft practiced by her father.

For him shaving was a tedious morning battle, often times a painful and bloody ordeal. For decades the war persisted. Dark stubbly shadows cut down at dawn, inevitably regrouped by middle afternoon.

On and on the battle raged. An endless and expensive escalation of weapons ensued; two blades, three blades, five blades, disposables’. His arsenal was also laden with lotions, potions, and preparations of all sorts. While he aged, the shadows eventually became lighter of course; yet, the regular morning battles continued.

When they met, she was ready to cast her gaze outside the mall and he was ready to learn how to shave painlessly. She showed him a thing or two about traditional barbering and he showed her a virtual mall.

Three months later their combined passions ignited WET SHAVERS.COM.   

Today, she honors her family’s barbering heritage as a purveyor of classic shaving and beard care products. He now grows a neatly trimmed beard and shares her passion for traditional wet shaving. Together they share knowledge and provide their clientele the very best the world has to offer in terms of traditional wet shaving and beard care for men.